About me

the face behind the paintings & pictures . . .

From lawyer and writer to photographer and painter

My professional life didn't follow a fixed, logical path: from lawyer and writer to photographer and painter. But the urge to be creative has always played a major role in my life.

My painting adventure started in 1996. Although I took painting lessons for a few years, I am mostly self-taught when it comes to painting. The passion for photography was born in 2004 when I traveled to New Zealand. Photography quickly became more than a hobby. I studied Photography at the ''Fotovakschool" (The Netherlands).

In 2015 I switched completely to the brush and camera. But I still write poems and short stories.

On this website it all comes together: painting, photography and writing.

“Hopefully my love for nature lives on in my art”

Inspired by nature and traveling

Almost all my work is inspired by nature, from animals to beautiful landscapes and flowers. I enjoy it immensely, whether it is in my backyard or at a place far from home.

I prefer to use my own photographs as a reference for my paintings. This way I first experience the 'wow' moment when photographing a beautiful scene or animal and then I try to translate that moment into paint or ink.

Traveling is a passion I share with my husband. Our ultimate travel destination is a combination of nature and intimate cities or picturesque villages. Some of my favorite places so far: Bolivia, Iceland, Namibia, New Zealand, South Africa and Yellowstone.