About Carmen

From lawyer and copywriter to writer, painter and photographer

My working life did not follow a logical path. After working as a lawyer for several years, I started writing for publishers of legal books and websites.

In addition, I have always had the urge to be creative. In my spare time I started painting and after a tour of New Zealand in 2004 I discovered photography. Not long after that I studied Photography (Fotovakschool) and photography became more than a hobby.

Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with systemic sclerosis in 2011, which ultimately prevented me from working full-time as a lawyer and copywriter.

Pen, brush and camera
Since 2015 I fully focus on my creative side: I write, paint and photograph. I’m writing my first novel and I write poems and short texts with my own drawings and illustrations.

I want to get the best out of myself, despite the fysical limitations. I hope to inspire and touch people with my work.

“Hopefully my love for nature lives on in my art”

Inspired by nature and traveling

Nature is my biggest inspiration. From animals to beautiful landscapes and flowers. I enjoy it immensely, whether it is in my backyard or at a place far from home.

I prefer to use my own photographs as a reference for my paintings and drawings.

Traveling is a passion I share with my husband. Our ultimate travel destination is a combination of nature and intimate cities or picturesque villages. Some of my favorite places so far: Bolivia, Iceland, Namibia, New Zealand, South Africa and Yellowstone.